A Memory of a Haircut

Exercise # 6 from Old Friend from Far Away

Of course, it was just before Freshman year that my hair had to take the hit for me.  That, and the cajoling of a dear friend who knew of my impetus for spontaneity.  “Let’s get your hair styled,” she’d said.  As harmless a word as any, styled didn’t mean cut, it meant a small change, a cool beginning.

Later I would come to realized “Let’s get your hair styled” also meant, let’s not touch mine.

My dear friend and her perfect shoulder length dishwater blond and high, flat wall of bangs was not one to fall victim to the shears.  It would be me and an unceasing hunger for change.

So there at the end of summer, my butt plopped down in a chair at Cost Cutters and I pointed to a picture in a magazine.  The stylist must have thought I had a sense of humor.  Maybe she thought she’d help show off my over-sized spectacles and shiny braces.  Whatever she was thinking, it was not about giving me the style I’d asked for.  It was about butchery. 

Those were not bangs, they were spikes.  Those were not layers, it was a mullet.  Going into high school just got that much better.  I couldn’t wait to find my locker in Dirt-ball Hall.


About E. Victoria Flynn

E. Victoria Flynn is a mother and a writer living in Southern Wisconsin. Published in a variety of venues, Victoria is currently writing the first in a series of three fantasy novels based on Cornish folklore. When not taking part in a shrieking dance party or engrossed in her own little fictions, Victoria is keen on art, the natural world and people unafraid to explore their own brilliance.
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7 Responses to A Memory of a Haircut

  1. Teri says:

    Great story. Made me giggle and shiver with similar memories from long ago.

  2. sweepyjean says:

    Yikes! Nice post, this also brings back similar memories. I wonder, were you mad at your friend for not getting her hair done too, and did you get actually get teased about your hair from your classmates?

  3. Arnold says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.Alenahttp://dataentryjob-s.com

  4. evf says:

    Thanks for stopping and leaving a note everybody!Sweepy, I didn't blame my friend,it was just one of those things. But I've never stepped foot inside a Cost Cutters since. And I didn't get teased about it, I mean, we had all just come out the safe end of middle school. The teasing was finally wearing off 😉

  5. catherine says:

    good story! seems you have a knack for it 😉

  6. evf says:

    Whew! Didn't know if I'd pass your grade 😉 Thanks for stoppin' in!

  7. catherine says:

    haha! no problem 🙂 and of course you'd pass!

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