Throw me Thursday: Be the light

Penny Jar needs to lighten up a minute. The magnificent Kellie M. Walsh’s (AKA @kmwalsh with a blog) suggestion on the Facebook page was one word: Nyquil. I couldn’t pass it by.

The Anarchist Cookbook
. You know you wanted it.

It was right up there with Steal This Book in book stealing numbers which is why it was so hard to track down with it’s tatty paper cover and who-knows-what-all stains. But you got it. You had it for a month of revolutionary chicken farking around with time, and you never even blew anything up. What’s up with that?

You imagine it had more to do with the guys who had already blown up just about everything interesting including a plethora of itty bitty little froglets tied in amphibious helplessness to their stead-fast steeds, otherwise know as, firecrackers.

Be the light, little froggy.

But in high school, you know, things happen and you get all jiggly in your pants trying to figure out what parts of the universe need figuring out today and you page through the Cookbook and you find out that if you go to the gas station at lunch and buy a bottle of Robitussin DM in the green bottle and mix it with a can of 7-up and drink it it might make for a more interesting 6th period. If you were into that sort of thing. Which you most certainly were not, no sir.

They only had the red bottle.

Sick to the stomach, light-headed, gross.

At least you shared.

And when you’re in high school and you have a crush on some stupid guy who really is the worst kind of guy to have a crush on and you nab and gut one of his cigarettes and fill the papers with nutmeg from your friend’s mother’s spice cupboard, know you’re only going to cough and spit and clean nutmeg off the living room carpet.

But that’s the last you’ll see of him. Be grateful.

And later in life when you have a house with snow falling outside of it, a Christmas tree with big, round white bulbs and two little kids making you crazy, remember that the night you met your husband you wore a baseball cap with the word “boy” written across it, that you and your best friend pretended to drink Comet cleanser from a can that was really washed-out and filled with Pixy Stix, and that there’s never really any telling what’s going to happen next.

Tell me, am I wrong?

NOTE: The author does not condone nor suggest the use of Robitussin DM or nutmeg in any other way than as suggested by the manufacturer of the product. Don’t be stupid.


About E. Victoria Flynn

E. Victoria Flynn is a mother and a writer living in Southern Wisconsin. Published in a variety of venues, Victoria is currently writing the first in a series of three fantasy novels based on Cornish folklore. When not taking part in a shrieking dance party or engrossed in her own little fictions, Victoria is keen on art, the natural world and people unafraid to explore their own brilliance.
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8 Responses to Throw me Thursday: Be the light

  1. Tiffany says:

    Ridiculously, I’m dying to know who this ‘worst kind of guy’ is, since you and I hung around with many of the same worst kind of guys. 😉

    Hypothetically, the narrator of this, who may or may not be you…if that makes any sense, is braver than me. I pondered my mother’s jimson weed after reading the Anarchist’s Cookbook (that I still own, thank you very much, stolen from D’Angelo), but never did anything more than ponder.

    • pennyjars says:

      Tiff, I have to tell ya that if this hypothetical narrator said “worst kind of guy” you may have caught a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, but probably paid no mind. Worst kind of guys don’t usually spend a lot of time hanging around high schools when they’re supposed to.

      And, um, D’Angelo was probably the reason “you” had such a hard time finding the book in the first place. Just for the record. 😉

  2. (snicker) Wow…I, er, learned a lot from this post. My oldest is 14, and I think I may now lock her up until she’s 30. Thanks! 😉

  3. What a great post! The whole nutmeg cigarette scene is perfect, from the smoke and choke to the “last you’ll see of him. Be grateful.” I laughed out loud.

  4. Wow that last paragraph reminds us of college when we used to pretend to snort pixie sticks, you could have been our weirdo friend! Thanks for the laughs, smoking nutmeg sounds oddly refreshing.

  5. pennyjars says:

    Weirdo friend indeed. I’m glad I finally found ya’s. And yeah, no, nutmeg bad.

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