The Sisterhood of Ink

Most of the time, I figure, I’m in this alone. Nobody is beating down my door checking in on my word counts. The girls would prefer it if I’d just give up these writing shenanigans and get back to being Mommy Dinosaur. The house would get organized. I’d get more sleep. You know, if I weren’t writing.

Then last night at about ten o’clock I’m sitting in a pub with these women who are all but ready to put my keister in a sling if I don’t fill out the paper work and submit an application for a writing fellowship.

I mean, who do they think they are?

I drank my beer. I ate my fries.

I asked for this.

I’m a lucky Mommy Dinosaur.

I have sisters, and brothers, linked by ink instead of blood. They’re a hard lot and they don’t cotton to excuses. You’ll do this, they say, you have to.

And they’re right. I trust them because I know they know what it feels like not to write.

They know the euphoria of one beautiful word after another. They know that if I don’t, I’ll be one ugly Mommy Dinosaur.

Thank you to all my sisters and brothers looking over my shoulder and kicking my ass. Writers need writers as much as they need words.

Pictured from right to left:

Julie JeffsBeginning a Life at 50

Susan BearmanTwo Kinds of People and Mike & Ollie

Christi CraigWriting Under Pressure

Rebecca Rasmussen and the spunky Bird Daughter–The Bird Sisters

Mommy DinosaurPenny Jar


About E. Victoria Flynn

E. Victoria Flynn is a mother and a writer living in Southern Wisconsin. Published in a variety of venues, Victoria is currently writing the first in a series of three fantasy novels based on Cornish folklore. When not taking part in a shrieking dance party or engrossed in her own little fictions, Victoria is keen on art, the natural world and people unafraid to explore their own brilliance.
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19 Responses to The Sisterhood of Ink

  1. Jeanna says:

    You are a fabulous writer that desires the wonderful friends that surround you.
    THANK you Sisterhood of Ink for giving her the push she needs. You all know she has the talent.

  2. Julie Jeffs says:

    We only push you because we know the amazing beautiful words that come from your writing and we are all just somewhat greedy, we want more! Yes your girls would at times like to just have their Mommy Dinosaur to themselves but they also know the creative spirit that flows within her and makes her the best Mommy Dinosaur ever. It was an honor to spend time with you my sister.

  3. Oh, so you were paying attention! (And Julie, read your comment and take your own, wonderful advice. I was about to say that you were all crazy for making the drive, but I’m making an even crazier one now and I’m SO glad you did it. Long live the Sisterhood! You women make me better.

  4. SO good to see you all together in the picture like that! EvF you always touch me, there’s nobody whose words seem stringed so effortless, while we all know to string the beads that create the necklace demands practice, diligence, mindful listening to the words that resonate, that ring in our heads, the way the color and shape of those balls with holes in them appeal to your girls in ways that surprise even their Dinosaur Mom. So glad you have those sisters to poke you and push you and tell you hey it’s not tuppence girl and even if it was, I picture jars after jars adding up to an valuable amount of copper that will eventually be changed perhaps not into gold, but turn green and into paper, printed. I’ll stop here before my metaphors get out of hand.

  5. Oh, you all look so lovely, and friendly, and sisterly. So sad to have missed it, but I’m still here to look over shoulders and kick when needed.

  6. “I mean, who do they think they are?”

    That, and the picture, and your whole post makes me love that night all over again. Getting home at 1am and almost falling asleep while I was standing up and working the next day was so worth every minute with you, Julie, Susan, and Rebecca (insert heart here).

    • pennyjars says:

      Christi, I must have been very thrilled about the night because I was working on less than 3 hours of sleep and not only managed to keep my cool with the kids, but took them to Target and the grocery store after a full day. That’s magic. 🙂

  7. kario says:

    Writers need other writers as much as they need air to breathe! Spot on – glad you have your writing community.

  8. Christine says:

    I love this post, including the title! Keep writing, sister!

    • pennyjars says:

      Keep writing with me!

      • Christine says:

        Amen! After my move July 30-August 2, I plan to use August to unpack the essentials. But I’ve decided to keep September sacrosanct for writing. If I keep doing everything else that needs to be done, I will never write my book. I’m setting aside September to write Chapter 1–or at least start that chapter. I’m looking forward to September very much! Thanks for helping me keep on task! 🙂

      • pennyjars says:

        Autumn is the perfect time to start. And remember, do what you can, but do it every day.

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