A few cents

I am a girl raising girls, a mother of two, youngest of nine, sprung from a broken-down jalopy of a home. There is more to a girl’s life then self doubt and blame, so much more to a girl’s life.

I write memoir from sensory experiences able to transport me back through time to the moments that twist into the fabric of story. Armed with language and a new kind of courage, I seek a feral connection with readers so that we may create a vivid appreciation for the wildness of life with which to infuse our daughters so that they will, in turn, trust themselves to create and be cherished.

“Penny Jar: A heads up on being at the tail end” is the working title of a memoir about a woman’s return to her childhood home nearly thirty years after her parents’ divorce and the family’s painful dissolution. The story unfolds through the eyes of her seven year old self faced with the task of understanding her feminine nature and making it her own.


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