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New year, new place

Happy New Year! I’m so excited. I’ve moved to a permanent home. I really hope you like the new digs. Tabula Rasa It is the new year, our annual slate-clearing fete rife with certain promise and a dire hope for … Continue reading

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Girl can spell

It all starts here, after all

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Black Coffee: a writing junkie gets her fix

Coincidentally, today is both the first day of the Wisconsin Book Festival and National Coffee Day. It may as well be my birthday too, but no such luck. Instead, this seems like the perfect opportunity to talk about writing vices. … Continue reading

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Autumn wind

Autumn wind.  Orion rising from black fields in leather sandals and loin cloth taking aim.  An angry 15 year old girl scrapes her pen across another spiral notebook.  Notice me.  Notice me.  Notice me. I’ve never been saved but for … Continue reading

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Give a pig a penny

I believe in flying pigs.  I believe in starting over, jumping on the bed, and reaching.  For anything really.  A good stretch is always worth the effort. Just over a year ago I started the first Penny Jar blog as … Continue reading

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Project Placement 1: Where I’m At

A cup of hot coffee turned ice cold.  I still drink it, dependent on its chilly bite for a few more letters hacked out on the page. Children’s color-coded love notes pinned to the wall, I’ve waited lifetimes for these.  … Continue reading

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When your sister calls, answer it

I received a phone call yesterday from one of my sisters. She stated her concern over what kind of material I might include in my writing project now that I have committed to a memoir. She gently reminded me that … Continue reading

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