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The Automatic Writer’s Art of Shaking Hands

I am a nervous girl. The flush of my face has always given me away, but lately, it’s the tremor in my hands. There is usually a tiny shiver running through my bandwidth, tippy-tapping out a body hum across the … Continue reading

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Dead. Line.

I’m working on a project. That is to say, I would be working on a project if I would just sit down and start writing it instead of fiddling out all the details during the regular parts of life-life, know … Continue reading

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Throw Me Thursday: The Regulars

Before I was here I worked in a Greek diner where the best thing on the menu was rice pudding. They put it on the menu for the old people, but I scooped it up in banana boats and ate … Continue reading

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What are you spending all that time dreaming for, Dorothy?

This is writing. This is what matters. In the northern California Redwoods nearly 7 years ago, we rented an unremarkable cabin. There was a small bathroom with a shower, a main room with a T.V. and bed, a kitchen in … Continue reading

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not from around here…are you?

Once a month, sometimes less, I work the counter at Real Coffee down on Main as a excuse to talk to people I don’t know. I’ve lived in this little house in this tiny town for one week shy of … Continue reading

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We are waiting for a storm. The winds are high and warm, all the spring birds sing a frantic chirrup as if playing chase in the voice of little girls. Then it quiets, cars are missing from the streets, the … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: What they didn’t say

I spread creamy peanut butter and bumbleberry jam on whole wheat tortillas to toast on the griddle; shred carrots, slice and steam them; core apples–sometimes red, sometimes green– and pour small cups of milk. Tomorrow, I will make stacks of … Continue reading

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