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Throw me Thursday: Envy

Last night, I was on the roof with bats overhead skreeking metal on metal past the trees, past the trellis, past the gutters full of leaves. My feet trailed over the side bouncing against dented steel siding. If I were … Continue reading

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We lost an old friend recently. His funeral was yesterday. While I certainly didn’t know him as well as many others I’m close to, there is a significant part of my story that has been altered. It’s hard to notice … Continue reading

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Off the cuff

I’m just going to let this fly because I’ve been feeling like the biggest writing boob ever.  No, wait, don’t feel bad for me, I do this to myself with the best intentions.  I want to write and then I … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Be the light

Penny Jar needs to lighten up a minute. The magnificent Kellie M. Walsh’s (AKA @kmwalsh with a blog) suggestion on the Facebook page was one word: Nyquil. I couldn’t pass it by. The Anarchist Cookbook. You know you wanted it. … Continue reading

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Humans I crave

“Human isolation is terrible. We want to connect and figure out what it means to write. ‘How do you live? what do you think?’ we ask the author. We all look for hints, stories, examples.”  –Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind I … Continue reading

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What do Marla Singer, Punk-Gypsy-Cabaret and Watergate have in common?

It’s wild here tonight inside my head.  The kids are quiet, sleeping, blissful that I’ve worn them down to tired little nubs with our running and visiting and shopping on the perfectest of perfect days. I’ve nothing to do but … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

I just thought of something. I’m going to try a routine. I know, it’s terribly out of character and I usually don’t stick to them, but I’m going to try just the same. I’ll call it “Throw me Thursday” and … Continue reading

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