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Faking It

Last Tuesday we all went over to visit Ma. We brought coloring pages and sat on the floor and looked at the tiny Christmas tree with multicolored lights and tiny angels. Ma likes angels. It’s never hard to choose a … Continue reading

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Throw Me Thursday: Crush

Ma is leaving us in bit pieces, days are falling from her, names are dissolving into particles she knows she’s tasted, but can’t place. She’s both trying to hide it, and begging us to notice, hinting herself away. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Ma Bell

It’s Ma’s 75th birthday. She wins. It’s snowing today, only soft wisps flick down past my window as if I’m in a holiday made-for-TV movie, something on Lifetime maybe, about daughters and mothers. In this mixed-generational feel-good drama I play … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Miscellaneous

The holidays are eating me up. The writing updraft of November has stilled into a deep, frozen hold and I feel I’ve nothing to say save for a few spare memories shaved off the sides. The following post is a … Continue reading

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Reaching in my pocket and coming up with lint

You want to know something stupid?  I can’t tell you a good damn thing about most of my sisters and brothers.  I sure can’t tell you what it was like to live with them, because most the time, I didn’t.  … Continue reading

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Sherry leaned over me, “Say, ‘Shit!’ or I’ll tell mom you swore.” She was only fifteen, but scared the forbidden word right out of me. “I can’t,” I whined all of four feet tall and nine years the younger. “Say … Continue reading

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