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Faking It

Last Tuesday we all went over to visit Ma. We brought coloring pages and sat on the floor and looked at the tiny Christmas tree with multicolored lights and tiny angels. Ma likes angels. It’s never hard to choose a … Continue reading

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Throw Me Thursday: Crush

Ma is leaving us in bit pieces, days are falling from her, names are dissolving into particles she knows she’s tasted, but can’t place. She’s both trying to hide it, and begging us to notice, hinting herself away. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Ma Bell

It’s Ma’s 75th birthday. She wins. It’s snowing today, only soft wisps flick down past my window as if I’m in a holiday made-for-TV movie, something on Lifetime maybe, about daughters and mothers. In this mixed-generational feel-good drama I play … Continue reading

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Again I’m called back to the house in my sleep.  But I’m outside and the house is still red with white shutters.  It’s been painted the ugliest burnt sage for years now, even longer than years, decades.  We’ve been gone … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Whiskey-Money-Doll

@karriehiggins (Karrie’s blog) took a play on words from a conversation we’d been having about an old Twilight Zone episode that still haunts me from way back, Talking Tina. Karrie said, “@EVictoriaF Keep “whiskey money doll” in mind for your … Continue reading

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The Children’s Art of Illumination

I was just over at Stephanie Baffone’s blog reading about the sacredness of “refrigerator” art.  Living in this house there is no choice but to agree.  Just a few hours ago I came into my room with a pack of … Continue reading

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Project Placement 3: The Quiet

I cannot sit with my children.  I cannot stay home day in and out cleaning bathtubs and hanging clothes to dry.  We become restive, smitten by the outside, romanced by adventure. It’s this part of summer, the late season quell, … Continue reading

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