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In November, I began experimenting with scent memory and the effects of different musical styles to get me in the mood. Then there was a great and heavy sigh from my inner critic when I finally told her off, that … Continue reading

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Throw Me Thursday: Coming undone

Small town curiosity shops hide grandmothers in pieces of felt, hat pins, antique jewelery made from woven hair, hand sewn lace, lilac sachets. Grandmothers with tangled hands and kaleidoscope eyes the size of herons peak through empty glass pop bottles … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Factory Girl

My husband found this picture lying on my desk after I’d gone on a rampage ruffling through drawers. “I throw you this for Thursday,” he said. It was Tuesday. He doesn’t do Twitter or Facebook or blog so I won’t … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Not to be seen

Twitter tenderfoot and local poetess @PrettyInkstain threw in, “@EVictoriaF #throwme ‘trying not to be seen.’” which works well with my favorite alien abductee and former nice lady @crredwards, “@PennyJars Prompts: Interruption. Apathy. Schadenfreude.” Of course he was trying not to … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Move

This belated Throw me Thursday post is written on behalf of my good friend Rebe who spent yesterday moving from one place in Denver to another. Cheers, Rebe! We had to get rid of the cat and the dog too … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Miscellaneous

The holidays are eating me up. The writing updraft of November has stilled into a deep, frozen hold and I feel I’ve nothing to say save for a few spare memories shaved off the sides. The following post is a … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Be the light

Penny Jar needs to lighten up a minute. The magnificent Kellie M. Walsh’s (AKA @kmwalsh with a blog) suggestion on the Facebook page was one word: Nyquil. I couldn’t pass it by. The Anarchist Cookbook. You know you wanted it. … Continue reading

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