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Project Placement 5: Taos with special guest: The Give-away

I thought New Mexico would be flat and dry, lifeless, that the only movement along the wide expanse would be me and Wile E. Coyote chasing that blasted Road Runner. “Me-meep!” But it wasn’t like that after a while. The … Continue reading

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Project Placement and a Blogiversary

The river’s dam is gorged with flying carp.  I follow the dirty downtown walk way.  I carry a notebook and black ink pen.  It looks like rain. *** It’s summer on Sioux Court.  I’m grown and dating.  My boyfriend walks … Continue reading

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A Memory of a Haircut

Exercise # 6 from Old Friend from Far Away Of course, it was just before Freshman year that my hair had to take the hit for me.  That, and the cajoling of a dear friend who knew of my impetus … Continue reading

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A Taste You Hate

Exercise #5 from Old Friend From Far Away I couldn’t help it.  Car rides made me sick.  From the time I was first strapped in all wiggly and cooing, it wasn’t long until the nausea set in.  And since Mom … Continue reading

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Give me a memory of cold

Exercise #4 I remember what it was like to love winter, frozen toes inside thick snow boots, wet mittens, a red nose.  Suzy and I would spend days outside her yellow house just up the hill from the creek.  We’d … Continue reading

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Give me a memory of the color red, but don’t say the word "red"

Exercise #3 My mother’s favorite color plasters the bathroom walls, the floors, the shower curtain, the towels–ripest cherry screaming out at you, warning you not to bother if you have a hang-over or get easily jettisoned by boldness.  Always, my … Continue reading

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Exercise #2 –Give me a memory of sound

Exercise # 2 When I turned 5 my second cousin Tony sent me a record in the mail.  It said, “Happy Birthday, Erin”, my first name.  It was a 45 and came in a square envelope with cartoon drawings of … Continue reading

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