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The Surreality of Home

  I went home today. I don’t know what I can tell you about the surreality of it. Some things were so familiar. Some were much smaller. Some were a sucker punch. Some I’d like to bottle. Some were gone. … Continue reading

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Of bridges and magical things

And there’s more. I walked along the bike path that skirts the empty field next to our old house. The path wasn’t there back then, the trees and brush had only rudimentary foot paths worn down by kids and teenagers … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Be the light

Penny Jar needs to lighten up a minute. The magnificent Kellie M. Walsh’s (AKA @kmwalsh with a blog) suggestion on the Facebook page was one word: Nyquil. I couldn’t pass it by. The Anarchist Cookbook. You know you wanted it. … Continue reading

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There is a funeral procession driving past my house.  A long, black hearse followed by another and another and another car swish through the street cutting the sun from my window in choppy stutters. The weather is calm, almost warm.  … Continue reading

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Memoir Moon

Tonight I did my words.  They were nothing.  I poked the internet, did the dishes, emptied the trash.  The kids and I have been in the house for days, bound by sickness and rain.  It’s still November.  I write. But … Continue reading

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Give a pig a penny

I believe in flying pigs.  I believe in starting over, jumping on the bed, and reaching.  For anything really.  A good stretch is always worth the effort. Just over a year ago I started the first Penny Jar blog as … Continue reading

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Project Placement and a Blogiversary

The river’s dam is gorged with flying carp.  I follow the dirty downtown walk way.  I carry a notebook and black ink pen.  It looks like rain. *** It’s summer on Sioux Court.  I’m grown and dating.  My boyfriend walks … Continue reading

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