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Meditations on place

What are you spending all that time dreaming for, Dorothy?

This is writing. This is what matters. In the northern California Redwoods nearly 7 years ago, we rented an unremarkable cabin. There was a small bathroom with a shower, a main room with a T.V. and bed, a kitchen in … Continue reading

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Again I’m called back to the house in my sleep.  But I’m outside and the house is still red with white shutters.  It’s been painted the ugliest burnt sage for years now, even longer than years, decades.  We’ve been gone … Continue reading

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Project Placement 5: Taos with special guest: The Give-away

I thought New Mexico would be flat and dry, lifeless, that the only movement along the wide expanse would be me and Wile E. Coyote chasing that blasted Road Runner. “Me-meep!” But it wasn’t like that after a while. The … Continue reading

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Project Placement 4: The Road

Notebooks and pens and Pringles and cheese. Clove cigarettes depending on the year. 34 hours on a Grayhound Bus. Or 36 hours in a Suzuki Samarai with no air at a high speed of 65 down the side of a … Continue reading

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Project Placement 3: The Quiet

I cannot sit with my children.  I cannot stay home day in and out cleaning bathtubs and hanging clothes to dry.  We become restive, smitten by the outside, romanced by adventure. It’s this part of summer, the late season quell, … Continue reading

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Project Placement 2: Busser

Nag Champa, a scent that carries memory.  It’s autumn 1993.  I’m 18, not getting ready to go off for college. I have a job at Perkins picking up after everyone else.  Friends from school hang out till 4 am choking … Continue reading

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Project Placement 1: Where I’m At

A cup of hot coffee turned ice cold.  I still drink it, dependent on its chilly bite for a few more letters hacked out on the page. Children’s color-coded love notes pinned to the wall, I’ve waited lifetimes for these.  … Continue reading

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