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the definition of happy

I don’t know what Hendrix song it was, I was so tired, but as I lay on the couch in the middle of the day listening to my children prattle and the guitar cords soar and swing on the air, … Continue reading

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Throw Me Thursday: Crush

Ma is leaving us in bit pieces, days are falling from her, names are dissolving into particles she knows she’s tasted, but can’t place. She’s both trying to hide it, and begging us to notice, hinting herself away. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Throw Me Thursday: Coming undone

Small town curiosity shops hide grandmothers in pieces of felt, hat pins, antique jewelery made from woven hair, hand sewn lace, lilac sachets. Grandmothers with tangled hands and kaleidoscope eyes the size of herons peak through empty glass pop bottles … Continue reading

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not from around here…are you?

Once a month, sometimes less, I work the counter at Real Coffee down on Main as a excuse to talk to people I don’t know. I’ve lived in this little house in this tiny town for one week shy of … Continue reading

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We lost an old friend recently. His funeral was yesterday. While I certainly didn’t know him as well as many others I’m close to, there is a significant part of my story that has been altered. It’s hard to notice … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Ma Bell

It’s Ma’s 75th birthday. She wins. It’s snowing today, only soft wisps flick down past my window as if I’m in a holiday made-for-TV movie, something on Lifetime maybe, about daughters and mothers. In this mixed-generational feel-good drama I play … Continue reading

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Off the cuff

I’m just going to let this fly because I’ve been feeling like the biggest writing boob ever.  No, wait, don’t feel bad for me, I do this to myself with the best intentions.  I want to write and then I … Continue reading

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