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Throw me Thursday: Left foot. Left foot. Right foot. Right.

My Sicilianesque brother-in-law drives with two feet–left on the brake, right on the gas. He blames this on his Sicilianisness, and although I’ve never been to Sicily to watch any fancy footwork, I reserve reasonable doubt that a Sicilian Driving … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Miscellaneous

The holidays are eating me up. The writing updraft of November has stilled into a deep, frozen hold and I feel I’ve nothing to say save for a few spare memories shaved off the sides. The following post is a … Continue reading

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Throw me Thursday: Whiskey-Money-Doll

@karriehiggins (Karrie’s blog) took a play on words from a conversation we’d been having about an old Twilight Zone episode that still haunts me from way back, Talking Tina. Karrie said, “@EVictoriaF Keep “whiskey money doll” in mind for your … Continue reading

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Reaching in my pocket and coming up with lint

You want to know something stupid?  I can’t tell you a good damn thing about most of my sisters and brothers.  I sure can’t tell you what it was like to live with them, because most the time, I didn’t.  … Continue reading

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Sherry leaned over me, “Say, ‘Shit!’ or I’ll tell mom you swore.” She was only fifteen, but scared the forbidden word right out of me. “I can’t,” I whined all of four feet tall and nine years the younger. “Say … Continue reading

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Paradise by the Dashboard Light

If you have ever ridden in the hatchback of a 1979 Chevrolet Chevette you must have been small, and you must have been me. What I remember clearly is someone having a great idea, the kind of idea that takes … Continue reading

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When your sister calls, answer it

I received a phone call yesterday from one of my sisters. She stated her concern over what kind of material I might include in my writing project now that I have committed to a memoir. She gently reminded me that … Continue reading

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